About DuraSense


We inaugurate our production - DuraSense! - We are pleased to announce that we have now inaugurated our production line DuraSense. 

What is DuraSense? 

A collective name for our patented product portfolio made from solid core wood core in combination with a surface layer in wood fiber composite.

The material is designed to be able to replace different types of materials such as impregnated wood, plastic profiles and ordinary wood. The range includes several different profiles that can be used for a variety of purposes. The profiles are specially developed for decking floors, facades, stables and noise-reduction boards, but can of course be suitable for many other purposes.

The skin material 

The wood core is coated with wood fibre composites produced by Stora Enso in Sweden. The protective skins gives the product strength and rigidity. In addition it enables the coloring of the product.

The wood core

The solid wood core consists of spruce or pine from responsibly managed forests. The wood has been heat-treated to be able to resist rot. The actual heat-treatment process uses only heat and steam. No chemicals are used thus the material consists of only renewable materials.

The benefits of DuraSense

  • Stylish, regardless of the environment
  • Many beautiful color choices, which gives the opportunity for many unique combinations
  • Stable in shape compared to plastic and composite alternatives
  • The same spacing as wood (CC60)
  • Resists rot
  • Very low maintenance needs
  • Weather resistant
  • Get the floor decking pre-packed to shorten installation time
  • A climate-smart choice
  • No splinters

If you are curious how our products looks like in a real enviroment go and check out our inspiration page for images or follow us on our social media. 

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